Enjoy Italian Aperitivo at Coast Brasserie in Pissori Bay, Cyprus

Experience the true essence of Italian culture at Coast Brasserie, your premier restaurant in Pissori Bay, Cyprus. Every day (except Monday) from 4 PM to 6 PM, we invite you to partake in our exclusive Italian Aperitivo. This delightful tradition offers you a chance to unwind and savor the finer things in life with a complimentary Italian snack from our skilled Italian chef, served with your favorite drink.

Every Day Except Monday

What is Italian Aperitivo?

Aperitivo is a cherished Italian tradition, a pre-dinner ritual where friends and family gather to enjoy a drink accompanied by a selection of complimentary appetizers. At Coast Brasserie, we bring this experience to Pissori Bay, offering a taste of Italy right here in Cyprus. It’s the perfect way to relax after a day at the beach or to start your evening on a high note.

Why Choose Us for Aperitivo?

  • Authentic Experience: Our Italian chef ensures that each snack is prepared with traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients.

  • Stunning Location: Located in beautiful Pissori Bay, Coast Brasserie offers breathtaking views and a relaxing ambiance.

  • Perfect Timing: Enjoy Aperitivo every day from 4 PM to 6 PM, just in time to watch the sun set over the Mediterranean Sea.
Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Coast Brasserie is the perfect place to experience Italian Aperitivo in Pissori Bay, Cyprus. Join us any day except Monday and let us transport you to Italy with our exquisite drinks and complimentary snacks.
For more information, reservations, or to learn about our full menu, please visit our website or contact us directly. We look forward to welcoming you to Coast Brasserie, where every visit is a taste of Italy.